The Lonely Mind of God

An Acosmist Answers the Primordial Existential Question by Solving the Omniscience Riddle

Sherman O’Brien’s philosophical treatise is now available for purchase.

Current students of philosophy or armchair philosophers…

  • Want the answer to the Primordial Existential Question: Why is there something rather than nothing? While history has produced no shortage of attempted answers, clearly none is the answer.

  • Now comes the unique perspective of acosmism to provide a complete and plausible answer. After a lifetime of reflection, acosmist Sherman O’Brien offers this analysis of the issues and a thoughtful, reasoned answer to philosophy’s most vexing question.

  • The acosmic answer requires no faith whatsoever, either in supernatural or unexplained causes; in fact, it discourages it. Acosmism rejects both traditional religion and philosophically neglectful science. As a metaphysical system, it is based on an epistemological insight, with implications for immortality, determinism, ethics, and ultimate purpose. Reasoned wholly from the ground up, its conclusion is the very meaning of existence. The solution to the Omniscience Riddle becomes the key to understanding how the question is best stated and understood.

  • This book represents one person’s effort to make sense of what is true and what only seems to be so. Why is there something rather than nothing? What is your potential role in the entirety of experience? This foray into acosmism offers a path to the genuine understanding of both existence and reality.

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